Poulin Sweet Goat 18%

Poulin Sweet Goat 18%

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Sweet Goat 18%


A high energy textured feed formulated to be fed to all goats.

  • Highly palatable textured feed.

  • Fully fortified to meet the nutritional needs of goats.

  • Contains high energy for lactating goats.

  • Added cooper to meet the needs of goats.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein min 18.00 %
Crude fat min 3.00 %
Crude fiber min 9.00 %
calcium min 0.90 %
calcium max 1.25 %
phosphorus min 0.55 %
salt min 0.80 %
salt max 0.90 %
copper min 15.00 PPM
copper max 30.00 PPM
selenium min 0.50 PPM
vitamin a min 5250.00 IU/LB

Feeding Instructions

Sweet Goat 18% is designed to be fed after Lambs N’ Kids, at about 4-6 months of age when the goat reaches about 100 lbs of body weight. Forage quality determines how much grain should be fed. Corn silage or average to poor quality hay needs to be supplemented with more grain. When feeding top quality legume hay, less grain will be required.