Lawn Fertilizers

Gilford True Value is the lakes regions destination for lawn care products and knowledge. We carry a large lineup of lawn fertilizers.

Fertilizers Available at Gilford True Value (Not every fertilizer is listed, call 603-524-5366 for pricing and quantity)

Scotts Step 1

Scotts, 5,000sqft & 15,000sqft coverage, 28-0-7, step 1 crab grab grass preventer plus fertilizer.

  • Apply in spring
  • Prevents crabgrass all season
  • Feeds for a fast green-up after winter

Greenthumb Step 1

Green Thumb, 5,000 SQFT & 15,000 SQFT Coverage, 26-0-3 Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food,

  • Apply Early, Before Crabgrass Germinates
  • Easy To Use
  • Controls Crabgrass & Other Annual Grasses
  • Contains 0.13% Dimension, 30% Controlled Release Nitrogen
  • Continuously Feeds For Up To 16 Weeks.

Scotts Step 2

Scotts, 5,000 & 15,000 sqft coverage, 28-0-3, step 2 weed & feed

  • kills dandelions & other broadleaf weeds
  • builds thick green turf from the roots up
  • do not use on dichondra, st, Augustine grass, creeping bent grass, bahia, or centipede grass lawns.

Greenthumb Step 2

5M- 15M Green Thumb 28-0-3 Weed & Feed. Easy to use. Apply when weeds are growing. Kills Weeds while Feeding Your Lawn. Contains 1.34% Trimec. 31% Controlled Release Nitrogen.

  • Controls Dandelions and over 250 broadleaf weeds including: clover, ground ivy and chickweed.
  • Fast Green-up & Timed Release for Extended Feeding.
  • Continuously feeds for up to 16 Weeks!

Scotts Step 3

Scotts, 5,000 & 15,000 sqft coverage, 32-0-4, step 3 fertilizer, feeds & strengthens against heat & drought, water smart improves lawns ability to absorb water & nutrients.

  • Feeds and strengthens against heat and drought.
  • Water SmartĀ® improves lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients.
  • Fertilizer Analysis:32-0-4

GreenThumb Step 3

15M – 5M Green Thumb 27-0-3 Lawn Food. Easy to use.

  • Improves Rooting & Color. Promotes Thick, Lush Green Lawns.
  • 2% Iron for Deep Greening. 50% Controlled Release Nitrogen.
  • Continuously feeds for up to 16 Weeks!

Scotts Step 4

Apply in fall to any grass type, Protects and strengthens for a better Spring lawn, Kid and pet friendly.

  • 32-0-12
  • Coverage: 5,000 or 15,000 sq. ft.

Greenthumb Step 4

5M Green Thumb 32-0-10 Winterizer. Easy to use.

Available in 5,000 and 15,000 sq ft bags Continuously feeds for up to 16 Weeks!

Thick, Green Lawn this Fall & Quicker Spring Green-up. 2% I

ron for Deep Greening. 50% Controlled Release Nitrogen.